Accra Fashion Week Ghana

Ghana is a rival country to my home country, Nigeria. We participate in a lot of ribbing and banter on social media with each country trying to one up the other especially in our tale-as-old-as-time Jollof war. When the opportunity to showcase my work once again on an African turf came up, I knew I was surely going to do it. There was no way I would turn that opportunity down especially as my work is heavily influenced by African culture. Showcasing in Ghana felt like asing at home. While I would be a true patriotic and claim that my country has the better Jollof, the brotherhood we share cannot be denied. There is so much love and support between both countries. When I first moved to England, Ghanaians were the pioneers of promoting my business ranging from me hosting several Ghanaian wedding events to hosting a Ghana community festival.

Like a popular quote says, you are only as great as the people you surround yourself with. Sadly, I could not be at the exhibition in person but my team was present and they did justice even in my absence. One of my favourite parts of Ghanaian fashion is their bold colour play. It’s always fascinating to see how different colours are intricately mixed and matched to create a particular mood or feeling.

Showcasing at the Accra Fashion Week was emotional for me because it was a part of their annual celebration of Year of Return which is usually held in December. We showcased our Baale and Elegant collections and they are available on our website. Please visit to place your orders.

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